How to Clean A Vacuum Cleaner? | Easy Step by Step Process

If you Do not know how to clean a Vacuum cleaner? Then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have provided a step-by-step process of cleaning your vacuum cleaner quickly. As we all know, Vacuum and other home appliances also need maintenance to perform well with time.

When it comes to Cleaning a Vacuum cleaner, do not delay for days or a week because without cleaning, it will not work well, and you will not get much effectiveness.

But before cleaning the vacuum, you must keep it in an open area. Below is some instruction that will help you while cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

  • Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is unplugged.
  • You must wear a mask while cleaning a vacuum cleaner because some small dust particles spread in the air when you are going to clean it.
  • Must check the Manual of your vacuum cleaner because it varies from model to model

Step by step procedure to clean a vacuum cleaner and Get Better results

Below is the step-by-step solution that how you will clean you

Cleaning Vacuum Filters:

Most of the vacuum cleaner contains filters. When the vacuum filters become dusty, it loses its performance and not provide a 100% result. That why first of you must open the filter box where the filter is located. If some of you cannot get where the vacuum cleaners’ filters are located, you must check the vacuum manual before cleaning.

After that, you must put the filters out of the vacuum cleaner and check-in the manual that your vacuum filters are washable or not. If your vacuum cleaner filters are washable, then wash them with water and detergent. But before that, must shake the dust into the dust bin. After washing, leave them while they get dry and again adjust them

But if your vacuum filters are not washable than you must buy a new filter and adjust them again.

Cleaning vacuum canister:

Everyone does not have a vacuum cleaner with a canister, so these steps are for those who have a vacuum cleaner with the canister. First, you must pull it in the dustbin. After that, you can read the manual’s instruction, and after that, you can take normal boiled water with detergent and scrub it well with a brush and leave it until it becomes dry.

After cleaning the canister completely, you must clean the inside part of your vacuum cleaner with any type of brush, but we recommend using old teeth brush to clean the inside of the vacuum cleaner. Another alternative to this is compressed air. Many people used it because of too much debris in it.

Cleaning beating bar:

In this step, you must clean a powerhead or roller/beater bar. Some of the vacuum cleaners come with a roller, and some of them with a beater bar. Both will be a little bit difficult to clean because of debris and hair stuck in it. Take something sharp like a scissor or cutter for cutting down the hair, but you must cut hair carefully and not cut the bristles. After cutting all the hair from the bristle, pull them into the dustbin, and clean the bristle with a brush.

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Cleaning Vacuum cleaner Attachments:

This is the last and the easiest step of how to clean a vacuum cleaner. You have to collect all the vacuum attachment and wash them with detergent and warm water in a bucket in this step. After that, you can leave them for 2 to 4 hours to become dry.

These are all the steps that are mostly used for cleaning a vacuum cleaner. If you follow all the above steps one by one, you will get the best performance of your vacuum cleaner like a new one.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What do I need to clean a vacuum cleaner?

The things used for cleaning a vacuum cleaner are mostly available in every home, including a bucket, scissor, cutter, warm water, garbage bag, and useless toothbrush and During clean if you want to protect your hand from the cuts the must use Rubber gloves.

Is it necessary to clean a vacuum cleaner?

After reviewing many vacuum cleaners, we found that its important to clean a vacuum cleaner for better performance. After cleaning a vacuum cleaner you will get better efficiency.

Can I Clean a vacuum cleaner with water just?

Yes, you can clean a vacuum cleaner with warm water, but make sure all the debris is removed from the vacuum cleaner.


We have concluded that cleaning a vacuum cleaner is better for long-lasting. So, according to our expert’s experience, they recommend cleaning a vacuum cleaner 2 to 4 times in a month with the help of the above “Step by step procedure of cleaning vacuum cleaner in 2021”. All the above step is easy to implement and useful for all type of vacuums.

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